The 2022 Artwork

But First, A Statement From the Artists…

[this is a placeholder, but has the general gist of our final artist statement.  This will be rewritten prior to artwork going public]

A lot has happened since the last Skytalks.  We had already settled on a facial recognition theme for the first Skytalks that had to be cancelled.  This year we combined that with facemasks due to the lingering pandermic.

People have lost their jobs.  A lot of them, largely womxn, created OnlyFans accounts as a means of expression, or a means of employment.  Our illustrator (Reagan) is a sex-positive cis-woman and we both support this cause. This was the catalyst for the imagery on the phone in the foreground.

The female form has influence, power.  It can distract someone from other things they need to be doing, sway opinions, literally change brain chemistry.  This isn’t just now, it’s been this way all throughout history.  Womxn have rights, even as the establishment tries to hold womxn down.  Now, more than ever, this is a battle that needs to be fought.

In the light of recent controversies involving sexual harassment we considered changing this aspect of this year’s art but we feel it’s important to keep the conversation alive.  This is Reagan’s art and her context.

Silence allows the status quo to continue and we’re better than that.   We will not be silent; this topic needs continued conversation. Personal boundaries need to be respected.  This isn’t limited to things like preventing sexual harassment and assault but also extends to supporting personal autonomy, expression, freedom.

Skytalks is an inclusive, sex-positive environment.  We enthusiastically support bodily autonomy and respect boundaries.  If people want to show off their bodies, that’s great.  If someone doesn’t want to see that, that’s fine too… just respect my boundaries and don’t get in my way.

We considered changing the art in light of recent events but we won’t go quietly into the night.  This conversation has to happen.

– Dan, Reagan