Skytalks 2022 – The Plan

So, after a two-year hiatus (thanks, COVID!) Skytalks has committed to DEF CON 30, and we are proceeding forward with planning for our event, which wouldn’t exist without our presenters and our volunteers!  On behalf of the Skytalks Cabal (there is no Skytalks Cabal) I can say that we’re excited to be coming back.  We’ve missed you, and we hope you’ve missed us.

As we all know during this ongoing pandemic era, conditions may change, and we reserve the right to change our minds and cancel the event if we believe conditions warrant it. The last two years we did not feel that we could safely deliver a quality Skytalks experience, and decided not to participate based on that, and out of concern for the health and welfare of everyone involved with Skytalks — attendees, speakers, volunteers, and staff.  While we still have concerns, we think that the risks are somewhat more manageable this year, and with several members of the Cabal attending another conference earlier this year with a successful result, we think we can make this happen.  So, we’re going to try, and if circumstances change, well, they change.  We intend to provide event planning status updates on June 3rd, July 6th, and a final go/no-go decision on July 25th

As in years past, we will not run a hybrid nor a virtual component to this event as it’s against the spirit of the event.  We’re known for trying to keep stuff “off the record” and really, once stuff hits the wire, it’s there to stay, DRM or not.  So while doing our parties/NYE events are one thing, the actual talks are quite another.  This is what we do.

We truly hope to see all of you this year in-person in Vegas!  It’s been too long.