CFP 2024


Skytalks 2024

Skytalks is a ‘sub-conference’ that gives a unique platform for researchers to share their research, for angry hackers to rant about the issues of their industry, and for curious souls to probe interesting issues, all WITHOUT the watchful eye of the rest of the world. With a strict and well-enforced “no recording” and “no photography” policy, research that is underway or critical of a vendor can be aired to your peers. You are presenting to other people in the computer underground, and very few topics are taboo.  Esoterica is as welcome as 0-day here.

In the past we were at DEF CON, this year we will be at BSidesLV August 6-7, 2024

This isn’t a soapbox to say and trash whoever or whatever you want. We welcome and encourage handles – we want your material to stand on its own, not what company’s logo is on your slide deck.  We encourage the audience to ask questions and challenge what does not seem to be right. Speakers can and will be held accountable for their material by their peers.

We’re looking for talks that are about cutting edge material, either in-progress or ready to be disclosed… possibly at the risk of offending a company. Talks that challenge industry or societal norms are great. Calling out those who plague our industry and community, welcome! Talks that are outside the realm of a PG rating, can and have found a home here (for example, Teledildonics, 4chan email).  First-time speakers are always welcome.  We have had the privilege and honor of providing the first presentation stage for some of greatest names in our community.  You are invited to be among that group.


What you must bring: 

A compelling topic and willingness to educate and/or face your peers.


We invite you to be: 

Outgoing, willing to educate, wanting to learn (yes, as a presenter), and wanting to engage your peers. If you lack any of these skills, we can fix this.  A good talk is about mutual learning; it is a conversation. We just provide a room of professionals that want to converse, sometimes over booze.


What we provide:  

Speakers will get a speaker badge +1 attendee to BSidesLV, some meals.

A place to present, with projectors (HDMI input).  While we may have some adapters on-hand, please be prepared and bring your own for HDMI input to our projectors.  We’ll have a PA system with appropriate microphones, as well as audio input (3.5mm stereo jack or RCA plugs) from a device if you need it.  


Risk Assessment:  

Remember, if any of your slides are caught or killed, we will disavow any knowledge of your talk.

Please note that although we make our best efforts to disallow electronic devices and cameras from being used inside the Skytalks room, we CANNOT guarantee that no one will be able to make an audio or visual recording by being sneaky and dishonest. In the past, the community has prevented some recordings of talks from getting released, but in one case we know of, the talk content was used against a speaker. Please do your own detailed risk assessment and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


BSidesLV Dates:

Skytalks operates all day Tuesday August 6 and Wednesday August 7 of BSidesLV. Your talk, if selected, may be scheduled on any of those days.


CFP Submission Dates:

Skytalks call for presentations will open May 6, 2024 and close June 16, 2024 midnight pacific.


CFP Submission:


Cut and paste the below into the body of an email and mail to with the subject “CFP Submission” – you will receive an acknowledgement within a few days.



Q: Are any of your speakers a foreign national that requires a formal invitation or visa to speak at a conference in the United States?  We will do our best to arrange a letter of invitation.



Q: Public Speaker name(s) (or handle) and Bio(s):

Note: Bio is not to exceed 1200 characters

Note: This information will be used for the website and printed materials for attendees.

Note: If accepted we will need to get your legal name from you, via signal or other encrypted method. This will be kept on a need to know basis.



Q: Pronouns:



Q: Email Address and backup contact method, in case of communication failure:

How do we contact you?  This is very important for announcements, acceptances, and scheduling.  If your email doesn’t function or our emails repeatedly get routed to spam (whitelist anything from or!) we will pull your talk. This will NOT be published or shared outside the Communications Team. 



Q: Social Media Handle(s):

Note: Optional




Q: Presentation Title:



Q: Length of presentation: (20 minutes, 40 minutes, 110 minutes)
    Note: It is highly unlikely that we will take any 110 minute talks, but if you think your idea is good enough give it a try.



Q: Have you submitted or do you plan on submitting this topic to any other conference held prior to Skytalks? If yes, please list which conference(s) and their dates.



Q: Abstract:

Not to exceed 1300 characters

Note: Your abstract will be used for the website and printed materials for attendees.



Q: Outline:

This is not public facing information.  Bullet points are good… more details are great.  This helps the CFP team actually understand your presentation as part of the speaker selection process.  Sell us on your talk — why should this interest us, and interest the community? Please keep it to 1,000 words or less.



Q: Why does your talk need to occur off-the-record (OTR) or under Chatham House rules?

Why is your talk specifically suited for being a Skytalk, and off-the-record (OTR), versus presented at any other normal venue? If this content has been presented before what will be different or new that makes it suited for being OTR?  Skytalks supports the concept of “Chatham House rules” — if you are not familiar with the concept, check it out at



Q: Make your case!



Q: Anything else we should know about why this talk is awesome and we should accept it?



Q: Attendee Question and Answers

Do you want to have a Q&A period during or at the end of your talk?  You do not have to have one. Your time slot is inclusive of Q&A so you will need to end earlier than your slot ends.




Q: Are there any other special equipment needs that you will require to successfully present your talk?




Q: If they contact us, are you willing to be interviewed by the press (if requested) about your talk?

If “yes” Please enter the contact information that you would want us to share with the press below.