A special shout-out of thanks to some of the people who make this happen:

Apok0lyps – Party coordination and promotion, space planning, and most importantly driving me to get things done

caspian – for supporting Apok in making our nights awesome

Banasidhe – Volunteer Wrangling and stage managing

fbus – also stage managing

many volunteers – for making our speakers and audience feel welcome…  or at least harassed for their electronic devices

our speakers – For having awesomeness to put on stage and giving us a reason for being


Our Art team this year:

Dan Chick – Concept, lead, reference photography

Theresa Lopez – Illustration – making the artwork come to life

Tijo Blue – Creating the ideal hacker girl

Legion, Banasidhe, Tilver, Sehro, Cassiopeia – We always knew you were feds at heart.  Now you even look like it.  Make Priest give you a shirt.


And two special shout-outs:

Pyr0 – for starting this adventure 9 years ago

The Dark Tangent – for giving us room to play in his sandbox and make something great


I appreciate all of you.